How to choose your urologist

Choosing the right urologist is very important. Much of what goes into the decision, beyond experience and qualifications, is the manner in which the urologist interacts with patients. Is he or she a good listener? How is the office staff? Does he or she explain everything well?

Here are some tips on choosing your urologist:


Ask your friends or family for some recommendations. Ask your primary care physician about the topic. Start here and you’ll be able to narrow down your choice at least a bit.


Consider where he went to school, what areas he specializes in and what certifications he holds.  These credentials matter and always ask if you need more proof of an urologist’s training. Check out websites like that list doctors’ credentials.


Again, ask a lot of questions. Find out how many successful procedures your prospective urologist has done in the area in which you need. Does he or she have more experience with certain procedures?


This is key. Make sure you are comfortable speaking with your urologist about anything. Does he or she communicate well and explain and the ins and outs of your treatment? While there are many qualified urologists, the one that is the best fit for you comes down to how they make you feel during before, after and during the visit.


Online reviews can be tricky as sometimes only negative people bother to post a review. That said, you can gain a lot of insight from reviews. Read them with a grain of salt, but if you see there is a particular aspect of the a review that resonates with you, use that in your decision making process.