If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), you are not alone and our office has solutions for you. 

Don't accept that your sex life has to suffer, even as you age. 


Dr. Shahbandi will sit down with you to discuss your current health condition and recommend courses of action that best suit your needs. This could be as simple as losing weight or medication. In some instances, Dr. Shahbandi may recommended the newest technological advancement—penile implants. Our office has the latest diagnostic tools to precisely identify the root of your problem. We use the Penile Doppler ultrasound, which can help diagnose vascular problems.

Natural methods

Blood flow/circulation is central to achieving and erection. Perhaps losing weight and regular exercise would work. Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake are significant factors too. Many men are over-stressed and proper diagnosis and therapy can help.

Drug Therapy

There are many options with drug therapy for ED right now. Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® are among the most well-known brands of ED drugs on the marketplace. Dr. Shahbandi and his team will guide you on what the best route of treatment is for you based on your health history.

PENILE Implants

A penile implant is surgically placed into a penis and is customized to your anatomy. Your sexual experience is quite natural and our office has partnered with the industry leader, Coloplast Titan® to deliver the best in class penile implants to our patients. Watch the video below to learn more.


vacuum erection devices

Vacuum erection devices and penile implants are now both very advanced and very effective.

Also called vacuum constriction devices, vacuum erection devices are placed over the penis to draw blood into the shaft. Once the vacuum creates an erection, the retaining band is slid down to the lower end of the penis and the pump is removed. You can leave the band on for up to 30 minutes.With a pump blood is drawn into the shaft and then retained for up to 30 minutes. There is a safety mechanism too.


Don't wait

Whatever you do, get the information you need to make a decision on how to solve ED. Knowledge is power and there is no shame is seeking help from a qualified professional. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Suffering from ED can also be emotionally draining. Dr. Shahbandi will approach your case on a completely individual basis and get you on the path to success.